Former web creative, editor. Would-be aesthete, failed activist, and struggling autistic communist vegetarian. But trying to be nice.


That’s currently my bio around the web. A blanket qualifier in 140 characters, but for now it summarizes things well enough.

I’m not currently in a full time job. I’ve worked in copy editing and communications, as well as graphic design and front-end web stuff. Now I’m assisting small art and literary projects with exactly that.

I’m 44. In 2011 I was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. I’m an ‘aspie’ — look it up. It’s not a big issue but it’s part of who I am. Obviously I’m also much more than that.

I’m interested in many things. Generally those would be: media, current affairs and politics; design, art and culture; science, history and tech. These intersect and vary.

This site may have a blog again. Maybe I’ll do a creative design. I might add links. Here’s a resume.

I live in Antwerp, Belgium. With a cat. I dislike clutter. I want to become a better man.

Get in touch through Twitter.